The Bedouin of Wyrms

Eleven Minutes

Year Composed: 2023

Price: $14.99


String Orchestra - Violins, Violas, Cellos, Contrabass

The Bedouin of Wyrms

Continuing the tradition of pieces based on characters in the Dungeons and Dragons game that I run, The Bedouin of Wyrms follows a young ranger who struggles to find a place in the world, trying to find out how to deal of moral quandaries with no correct answer. Despite this, Sylveon Jastire keeps a kind heart and solemn sense of purpose.

The Passionate

Sylveon Jastire is young and adventurous, with the naivete to match. With this outlook, she cares about only one thing; protecting her family by entering the wilds and taking care of any threats before they even have the chance to become problems. 

The Lamented and
The Headstrong

Sylveon, known colloquially as Silver, learns the difficulties of the world, and that nothing is as straight-forward as it was at her desert temple home. In the second movement, Silver learns the consequences actions have on the world, both good and bad. In the third, her resolve tightens as she doubles down on her ideals. This proves to be a good thing, as her tenacity eventually leads to her liberation.

The Free

Silvers work has paid off. Through a strong belief in her ideals and a little flexibility in her methods, Silver has Met countless friends, slain countless evils, and saved the brother she never knew she had from an evil that lurked beneath. Now nothing holds her back and Silver has grown to be one of the strongest people in Verdai.