The Emissary of Hope

Duration: Ten Minutes

Year Composed: 2023

Price: TBD


Flute, Trumpet, Guitar, Castanets, Timpani, Woodblock

The Emissary of Hope

A three part suite of themes dedicated to the character of an altruistic monk hailing from the desert of a hostile land. Instrumentation consists of Flute, Trumpet, Classical Guitar, Timpani, Castanets, and Secco (woodblock). Ten Minutes in length with all three movements.

The Idealistic

Skamos Levenbrand portrays the naivete of a young hero - one who wants nothing more than to save the world and protect everyone. A lofty and laudable goal, but one that our monk may soon realize may not actually be possible 

The Wandering

Skamos' faith has been shaken. Though he anticipated life in Aknir was rough, he never considered that the real monsters in life may actually be the 'civilized' beings he swore to protect. This leaves Skamos shaken, unsure if his path in life is still righteous.

The Virtuous

Skamos has overcome many of his uncertainties and has become self actualized. He has meditated on the concepts of life, death, and love and discovers there is more to life than simple heroism, and accepts that the simple pleasures in life are best shared.