Jonathon M. Erickson

Hailing from Duluth, Minnesota, Jonathon is an undergraduate at North Dakota State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Music as well as Public History. Jonathon got his start in music at a young age by taking piano lessons, a path inspired by his time sitting with his Grandmother behind the organ at church and their mutual bonding over the art. Later in life, Jonathon began playing clarinet for his high schools band. After a short break and returning to school, Jonathon learned that he had a hidden love for composition, in which he cites his largest influences as Koji Kondo and John Williams.

Featured Piece

Return Me Home to Frost Laden Trees is an homage to the snowstorms I would watch from warm inside the house, staring outside the front window and into the one lamp on our street, where the snow swirled around the forest behind it. This arrangement is specifically for Piano, pared down for more accessible play compared to its orchestral counterpart. 

Music by Ensemble

Preview: The Idealistic - The Emissary of Hope I

The first movement of a three part suite of themes dedicated to the character of an altruistic monk hailing from the desert of a hostile land. Instrumentation consists of Flute, Trumpet, Classical Guitar, Timpani, Castanets, and Secco (woodblock).

Preview: Excerpt from The Shadow of Mercy

A excerpt from a work-in-progress suite dedicated to my fiancé based on her character in Dungeons and Dragons. A gruff man from the frozen north who trained their lycanthropy in the mountains of Mothnir for the hope of all common people. For Violin, Viola, Cello, and Contrabass.

Preview: Montecian Festival

Based on a festival held in a major city within the fantasy world I have been creating since 2017, Montecian Festival provides a look into one of the more popular street fairs in the country of Gioveghanni. Play the games and dance the night away in Calle Montec. For Solo Clarinet and Piano Accompaniment.